I’m really glad that you visited our website. People are looking for uncluttered, ESSENTIAL CHURCH OR echurch! That is what Springwood Church of Christ and Christianity are all about.

Our logo4Sunday Service Times are 9am and 5pm.

Finding a new church home isn’t always easy. People usually ask two questions:

First, what is being offered for families (children and youth)? Our church family has an amazing youth ministry. We have active playgroups, Kidz Night, One Way and a thriving Revolution Youth group under our youth Pastor Dan Foster.

Second, how long has the minister been here? Wendy and I are now in our 34th year of ministry at Springwood. We are committed to a long-term, healthy approach to Christianity.

I hope you’ll catch the faith excitement and the loving consistency of our Church. Enjoy your visit. And please, if you have any questions, contact us.
Essentially yours, Geoff Charles (Pastor)

 What’s Coming Up?

May 21-August 27: The Marriage Course
May 28: Young adults movie and dinner night
June 1: State of Origin
June 11: Coffee Club Brekky for the Ladies
June 22: State of Origin
July 8: Worship team night
July 13: State of Origin
July 16: Garage sale
July 23: Women’s conference
July 24: Welcome morning tea/supper
August 24-25: Fresh horizons (Seniors conference)
August 28: AGM/Vision Sunday
September 11: Paul Gibbs



JONAH (1)Our Current 5PM series is all about Jonah. What happens when we run from God? Make sure you get along to our 5pm Sunday service to hear the beginning of this series.
Can’t make it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Simply click on one of the links below to catch up on anything you’ve missed.

This week at our 9AM service we will be beginning a new series called ‘The nudge’. How do we know when to step out, when should we speak up for what we believe in. This is one not to be missed!




Click the following links for the latest sermons:
22nd May – Stephen Parker – paradoxology
15th May – Geoff Charles – Paradoxology
15th May – Ian Robert – Jonah 2
8th May – Bel Thomson – Mother’s Day
8th May – Dan Foster – Jonah
1st May AM – Geoff Charles – The Nudge
24th April AM Geoff Charles – The Nudge
24th April Dan Foster – Relationtips
April 17th Dan Foster – The Nudge: Starting spiritual encounters
April 10th Geoff Charles – Awesome relationships

April 10th Dan Foster – Singleness

April 3rd PM Geoff Charles – Dealing with conflict
April 3rd AM Geoff Charles – Who’s pushing your buttons?
Resurrection Sunday Sermon – Geoff Charles